Global Coffee Review and World Coffee Research announce media partnership

World Coffee Research (WCR) and Global Coffee Review (GCR) formalised in early May a media partnership that will see the international business publication support the communication efforts of the coffee research initiative. “The relationship between GCR and WCR is important because really want to be able to reach the coffee community with the results of our activities,” said Tim Schilling, Executive Director of WCR. “We believe that Global Coffee Review is the perfect medium for disseminating the latest news from World Coffee Research.”  WCR is a leading global agricultural research and development program focused on the sustainable growth of the Arabica coffee supply chain. Through the partnership, GCR will support the initiative’s efforts by working closely with WCR to provide regular coverage of the group’s major developments through its web site, e-newsletter, and print mediums. GCR is currently distributed to over 100 countries around the world, engaging with industry leaders. Through the partnership, GCR will also support WCR to gain coverage in mainstream media, helping to draw public attention to the challenges in the coffee supply chain. “We’re thrilled to be supporting such a fantastic initiative that will help secure the quality and supply of Arabica coffee,” says Christine Grimard, Editor of GCR. “We’re confident that the developments taking place in WCR will provide important and insightful content for our readership.” Through the partnership, members of WCR will have access to a special subscription offer. For details email

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