Goglio Fres-co System

Goglio’s Fres-co System is the heart of Goglio’s portfolio and a defining brand in the group’s business model. The integrated packaging system guarantees protection for ground coffee and the natural aroma of the coffee beans. Traditionally composed of high barrier flexible laminates, degassing valves, and machines, the range now includes a wide range of portioning solutions, with capsules and filling and secondary packaging lines suitable for every need. Goglio’s proposal for the capsule world covers different solutions, from the standard to a barrier version, from the compostable to a compostable barrier version. Characterised by high barrier properties, compatibility with machines currently on the market and high-quality dispensation, they can be filled in the GCap, a modern, ergonomic line that can process capsules of various sizes with simplicity, from traditional FAPs to those compatible with the most common systems. For more information visit:

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