Goglio has a great Host

Goglio has announced that Host Milan closed very positively for the Italian packaging, equipment and plastic component company on 27 October. Duirng the hospitality trade show, Goglio introduced a new range of capsule machines, designed specifically to cater to the existing needs of today’s market. “Developed in compliance with high quality levels that are a feature of all Goglio products, these new machines hold the technology and the knowhow in packaging processes that made Goglio the unquestioned global leader in the roasted and ground coffee sector,” said Goglio’s Marketing Manager, Elena Demo. Designed to easily and flexibly manage capsules of different shapes, in order to optimise the use of the material in reel, the new lines have a modular design which allow them to reach different production speeds in accordance with the individual needs of each customer. All of the machines have motorised groups that move with precision towards the material, allowing them to work with a chessboard layout on the conveyor belt. Using Goglio’s chessboard layout means reducing the quantity of flexible material needed for capsule lids as well as minimising production waste. Twin augers, connected to a pan feeder, guarantee excellent product homogeneity, which is the most important requirement for high quality capsules. Groups assembled on tracks – which allow for total extraction to simplify maintenance, cleaning and reduction of reel changes – help to simplify the operator’s task and maximise production efficiency. Extractors located in the filling and pressing area remove powder from the sealing area while a brush, placed under the conveyor belt, collects any possible wastage in a tank and then extracts it. A nitrogen tunnel leads the capsules from the filling station to the lid sealing area. Other features are a stainless steel frame and load cells with direct feedback to augers for weight control located on an independent structure to ensure the highest precision.  The machines also feature cameras to verify the central position and the correct sealing of the top lid. This new capsule system will be available in three versions: medium barrier, high barrier and biodegradable.

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