GrainPro bag

The GrainPro Bag, also known as SuperGrainbag or SGB, is a widely used solution that effectively protects coffee during transport and storage.

This bag is most commonly used as a liner for jute bags, as it protects the green coffee beans from loss of quality and damage through moisture. The GrainPro Bags allow for peak quality preservation and locking in aroma, freshness, colour, and taste for up to a year in storage.

This solution comes in two types, each with a different sealing method. The GrainPro Bag Zipper has a two-track zipper seal, while the GrainPro Bag Twist & Tie requires a cable tie to be sealed. These hermetic seals maintain a gas-tight and moisture-tight environment to secure green coffee beans.

The GrainPro Bag is the leading coffee storage used worldwide, from the mountains of Guatemala to the heights of Sumatra and reaching even Ethiopian highlands.

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