Grand Paradé brings attention to Kenya with cupping event

San Francisco-based importer Grand Paradé is hosting a cupping event and forum to discuss the reform of the Kenyan coffee sec undefined

tor on 10 September at the Bay Area CoRoasters facility in Berkeley, California.

Transforming Kenyan Coffee: Cupping & Conversation will serve as an open dialogue between United States coffee industry leaders and Professor Joseph Kieyah, Chairman of the Kenya National Task Force on Coffee Sub-Sector Reforms.

They will address the upcoming policy changes and reforms that will shape how Kenyan coffee is sourced at origin, and incentivise Kenyan youth to continue coffee farming sustainable practices. 

“Production has declined significantly mainly due to an unfavourable trading structure,” Grand Paradé Founder Kavi Bailey says.

“Disenfranchised Kenyan farmers are abandoning the crop at an alarming rate and a disincentivized youth are moving to cities for better paying jobs.”

The Kenya National Task Force has launched the Kenya Coffee Platform which is leveraging US-based Kenyans so that they can understand the needs of the US market.

The event will also feature a cupping of specialty and micro-lot Kenyan coffees.

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