Green coffee stocks reach nine-year high: Volcafe

Green coffee stocks in the US reached a nine-year high in July, Volcafe noted in its latest market report. Volcafe noted that stocks were up 12 per cent from the 15 year July average, with 1 million bags added since the start of the year. According to Volcafe, stocks now represent 26 per cent of total annual demand in the US. Volcafe reported a muted reaction from the market to the growing stock numbers. Prices did react to a forecast for rain in Brazil, which was seen as supporting crop prospects. The Green Coffee Association (GCA) reported total stock figures of 6,042,664 bags on 31 July. This compared to 5,655,804 bags over the same time last year. The GCA figure reports a 12-month increase of 386,860 60-kilogram bags.

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