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Green Day partners with Keurig Dr Pepper 

Rock band Green Day has announced the launch of its new coffee brand, Punk Bunny Coffee. 

In partnership with Keurig DR Pepper (KDP), the brand builds on the core values of the rock band’s decade-old Oakland Coffee brand to provide curated organic, Fair Trade Certified coffee with an emphasis on sustainability and community.

“I’m stoked to be an owner of a very cool artisanal coffee roasting company here in the US and grateful for our co-owners and the amazing people who help us blend [this] coffee, just how we like it,” says Green Day band member, Billie Joe Armstrong.

“It’s going to be a big year for Green Day. We’ll be playing shows across the globe and Punk Bunny coffee will be fueling the way, backstage and on our buses.” 

Punk Bunny Coffee will partner with the Keurig K-Cup Pod System and launch easy-peel lids to easily prepare pods for recycling, making Green Day’s coffee available to more than 40 million US households with a Keurig brewer. 

In 2023, Green Day brought musicians Adam Devine, Rachael Ray and other friends as investors of Punk Bunny Coffee to take the brand to the next level, including advisor and board member Paul Smucker.

To ensure premium quality of their roasts, the band then merged with family-run coffee roaster, Caruso Roasts. 

“We worked closely with the band to develop blends of Fair Trade Certified Organic Arabica beans roasted to four distinct roast profiles,” says Caruso Foods CEO, Dominic Caruso.

“The band and the Caruso’s share a common set of core values focused on hard work, a love of family and great coffee. We fully expect this brand to become the rock star of the coffee section in retailers across the country and beyond.”

For almost a decade now the band maintains that the production of their new coffee brand has been a key focus for them along with a dedicated commitment to sustainability. 

“For years, our band has been immersed in making damn good organic coffees with a strong focus on sustainability,” says Green Day band member, Mike Dirnt.

“Now in our 10th year, we are launching our new brand, Punk Bunny Coffee, and are proud to announce that we have been working closely in partnership with KDP to further push towards the sustainability of great products in the world of great, home brewed coffee.”

Green Day and Punk Bunny’s Fueled by Love Initiative will take a portion of profits from every bag or pod of Punk Bunny Coffee sold and distribute it equally to their nominated charity partners. 

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