Green Mountain Coffee Roasters to open first Keurig store in November 2013

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR), owners of the leading US single-serve system Keurig, announced on 18 September that the launch of the first Keurig-branded store is set for November 2013. The move follows the example of fellow leading single-serve company Nespresso, which sells its machines and capsules in boutique stores around the globe. The first Keurig store will open in the Burlington Mall in Burlington, Massachusetts. The store will offer shoppers an opportunity to interact with Keurig brewers and beverages, including the Keurig K-Cup, Keurig Vue, and Keurig Rivo systems, the company said in a statement. The store will feature on-site demonstrations, special promotions, new product offerings, and Keurig accessories. “The Keurig Store is just one example of our commitment to making Keurig products as accessible as possible and building lasting direct engagement with consumers,” said Mark Wood, GMCR's Senior Vice President, US Commercial in a statement. “We are creating an environment that allows us to introduce consumers to the enormous variety of Keurig and Keurig brewed beverages and encourages them to immerse themselves fully in the brand.” The store is just 1.4 kilometres from GMCR’s major research and development centers, the Keurig Store will be located 22.5 kilometres north of Boston. 

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