Guatemalan Cup of Excellence generates more than US$650k

The result of the Cup of Excellence auction are in, with the winning lot from Kalibús la Sierra scoring 92.09 in cupping and securing a price of US$42.10 per pound. With two lots up for grabs on the day, farmer Castillo Cerezo, who is from the Sierra de las Minas area, took home more than US$75,000 for his beans. Kalibus La Sierra’s coffee is selectively picked, its coffee is all washed with pure water from water springs in the property, and then it is processed in the wet mill of the farm.  The highest individual price of the auction was paid for four lots from Los Jutes, which secured a price of US$53.10 per pound for a coffee that scored 91.18 in cupping. In total some 723 lots were sold at the auction, generating a total of US$659,506.56. Of the 25 entrants into the auction, ten scored above 90 in cupping, with the lowest score being 86.44, demonstrating the high standard of the entrants across the board.

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