Hario Slow Drip Brewer

The newly released Slow Drip Brewer Hario Shizuku is a device used to prepare cold brewed coffee with a slow drip extraction method. This simple device consists of an upper and lower carafe, based on a professional laboratory beaker created for function and precision. When water is poured into the upper bowl, water gradually flows through the two openings to start the brewing process. The water will completely drain through in one to two hours, during which no speed regulation is necessary. The strainer is designed long and thin with a fine made mesh. This enables water to permeate all of the coffee grounds. The result is a slowly extracted coffee at low temperature, thereby reducing bitterness and producing a milk flavour with no acidic taste. For a finishing touch, pour the brewed coffee over ice. With an eye-catching beaker shape, the design of the Hario Shizuku is very reminiscent of a precision scientific instrument. For more information visit

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