Headaches and fatigue a result of caffeine withdrawals: Australian survey

An Australian Canstar Blue survey of 650 coffee drinkers has found three in 10 experience withdrawal headaches when reducing the amount of coffee they consume. The survey, conducted 27 April, 2012, found side effects connected to caffeine withdrawals included fatigue, lack of alertness, low energy levels and concentration difficulties. “These results go to show it can be a real challenge for many coffee drinkers trying to reduce their coffee intake to a more balanced level,” says Rebecca Logan, Manager of Canstar Blue. “It can be particularly difficult for those with a high caffeine intake who tend to experience the most sever withdrawals.” Most medical experts warn against reducing caffeine intake suddenly, however Logan says the best plan for those looking to cut down is to drink lots of water and reduce intake gradually. Another Canstar Blue survey awarded Switzerland-based Nestlé Nespresso with their second Canstar Blue Coffee Machine Customer Satisfaction Award. The award was judged on value for money, reliability, ease of use, design and overall customer satisfaction. “Nespresso has done the work to remain Australian consumer’s favorite,” says Logan. “Nespresso has maintained its focus on quality, innovation and personalised service and in this case it has paid off.” Nespresso took the title against competitors De’Longhi, Sunbeam, Breville and Saeco.

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