Hemro Group announces Anfim rebrand

Hemro Group Anfim

The Hemro Group has announced a new branding for its Italian espresso grinder brand Anfim.

With its new factory opening in Milan in 2022 and new product innovations on the horizon, Hemro Group says it was time to take the Anfim brand to the next level with a fresh new brand identity, centred on its love for exceptional espresso.

“We are very excited about the new look, representing Anfim’s transformation from a local brand born in Milan into a global brand recognised by passionate baristas in over 60 countries. The new logo and brand identity is simple, strong, and memorable, speaking for the future innovations to come,” says Hemro Chief Sales Officer Ziya Boro.

Manufactured in Milan, Anfim espresso grinders offer a range of products designed for various applications, from small local bars to busy high-volume coffee shops.

Anfim espresso grinders are designed and built with a passion for traditional espresso culture, drawing inspiration from neighbourhood Italian cafés and leading coffee shops around the world.

Anfim grinders offer uncomplicated functionality and aroma-saving features to deliver optimal flavour. Users can also increase control with step-less grind adjustments and active cooling.

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