Hemro Group announces new CEO and management structure

Hemro Group has appointed Dr Marcel Lehmann, formerly Hemro’s Speaker of the Management Board, as its new Chief Executive Officer. Lehmann joined Hemro two years ago. The group saying he has proved valuable in its strategic development, and in his new role, Lehmann will be supported by a strong and partly new management board that brings together a variety of expertise in different fields. “We are thrilled to accelerate the strategic realignment of the company and shape the industry with new products and innovative solutions. We are a strong and ambitious management team eager to make the next steps and achieve the strategic targets of Hemro Group,” Lehmann says. “Beside the development of our brand-new product portfolio, the adjusted management structure is another important milestone pushing Hemro Group to the next level.” Read more:
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• How Hemro’s grinders remains at the cutting edge Stefan Mühlemann will join Hemro as its new Chief Financial Officer in August. Ziya Boro, who is currently responsible for the development of Hemro’s Asia-Pacific sales region, will be the new Chief Sales Officer. Hemro says he comes with proven sales expertise and a deep understanding of the market. Gilbert Zünd will move from the position of Managing Director Operations in the previous management structure to Chief Operations Officer. Hemro Group is a worldwide manufacturer of coffee grinding solutions, with its four global brands including Mahlkönig, Ditting, Anfim and HeyCafé.

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