Hemro Group expands production in Italy and China

hemro group italy china

Hemro Group has announced developments of the grinder manufacturer’s plants in Milan, Italy, and Changzhou, China, following its move to a larger production plant in Hamburg, Germany, last year.

Hemro Group says global demands remain strong and are expected to continue to develop well in the medium term and an increase in production capacities are necessary to sustainably meet this expansion.

In Milan, after many successful decades at its Via Bernardino Verro site, Hemro’s Anfim brand has built close ties with the city. It says local colleagues have left their mark on the Anfim tradition and identify with both the high-quality products and the characteristic Milanese espresso culture. With the aim of preserving the unique experience of the team and the Milan site, the group looked for and found a new plant in the area.

As of April 2022, Anfim will be manufacturing in twice the space at Via Veneto 11 in Buccinasco. With the new plant, the Hemro Group says its committing itself to the city of Milan, strengthening the strategic positioning of the Anfim brand and thus creating optimal conditions for product innovations and further growth.

In Changzhou, the Hemro Group took the opportunity to rent additional space at the existing site and thus expand the manufacturing capacities in China in a short term. In the last two years, the group has not only continuously developed HeyCafé as a brand, but also focused on the strategic importance of the Changzhou production site.

The Hemro Group’s global production network is already today completely unique in the industry and will now be further strengthened with the new facilities in Milan and Changzhou. In addition to many other developments, the recent investments in the plants will have noticeable advantages for employees and customers of the Hemro Group.

“The new plant in Milan and the additional space in Changzhou mark two important milestones in our overall growth strategy,” says Dr. Marcel Lehmann, CEO of Hemro Group.

“We are glad and proud to see our vision becoming reality and that all our brands contribute to the success of the Hemro Group as a whole. With regards to the global supply and logistics crisis and with regional shortages of skilled workers, such growth cannot be taken for granted at the moment. Hence, I am particularly grateful that we are working with a strong and committed team to achieve our goals and that we are taking another big step forward with the expansion of our plants.”

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