Hemro Group introduces Anfim SP450

Hemro Group’s announced in November the release of its new Anfim SP450 on-demand coffee grinder. The titanium-coated grinders are resistant to wear and that the design of the blades ensures a homogeneous cut, which produces coffee with a high aromatic yield during the extraction phase, the company said in a statement. “Grinding is of great importance in determining the quality of the product in the coffee cup,” said Hemro Group. “The particle size must be correct and uniform in order to allow the water to extract the best elements when the coffee passes through the coffee machine’s coffee panel.” The grinder’s revolutions per minute are lower than that of classic flat grinders, reducing the friction and the heating. Hemro Group said this is important to prevent a quick rise in temperature which can alter the coffee’s organoleptic features. “The dual-fan cooling system is extremely effective and silent,” said Hemro Group. “It generates an air flow from the bottom to the top, with the lower fan sucking in the fresh air that passes through the grinder, thus eliminating the transmission of heat, and is ejected by a second fan located above.” Anfim is based in Milan, Italy, and has been designing and manufacturing coffee grinders for over 50 years.

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