Hemro Group renews corporate identity

Hemro Group

Hemro Group explains the inspiration behind its renewed corporate identity as it enters the next phase of expansion.

When Hemro Group saw the exponential growth of all four of its brands in 2022 — Mahlkönig, Ditting, Anfim, and HeyCafé — in a continually challenging market, it decided to refresh the company’s corporate identity to symbolise Hemro Group entering a new era of operation.

A new, modern logo and fresh colour scheme with contemporary typography complements the company’s commitment to growth and attracting a new audience.

“Hemro growth is driven by evolution – our new corporate identity reflects that products and technologies have reached the next level today and continue shaping the future,” says Hemro Group CEO Dr. Marcel Lehmann.

Hemro Group combines grinding expertise in each of its four internationally renowned brands that cater to all market needs.

“Mahlkönig offers premium filter and espresso grinders for coffee shops and home baristas. Ditting presents retail and filter grinders for roasters, retailers, and labs. Anfim offers commercial grinders for coffee shops. HeyCafé provides entry level filter and espresso grinders for cafés. Each brand has a very different role to play in the industry,” says Hemro Group Head of Global Marketing Lena Frick.

“Continuous development is at the heart of our Hemro DNA. 2022 was truly a year of enormous development for the Hemro Group.”

In November 2022, Hemro Group expanded its production sites, moving its Italian production site to a new state-of-the-art Anfim factory, located just 10-kilometres from the centre of Milan in Italy.

“The new production facility will house our offices, factory floor and soon a beautiful show- room to showcase all Hemro brands,” Frick says.

The 2400-square-metre facility marks an important milestone for Hemro Group as it reacts to increased global demand for Anfim with the brand now able to adapt to further global growth.

“This space will be a huge leap forwards for Anfim and will unlock exciting possibilities for the company and the team moving forwards,” says Frick.

The brand also opened its first Hemro United States office in Seattle, United States, to be closer to its North American partners and the American coffee scene.

The new office space is located in the historic Rainier Brewery Bottling Plant building and includes a training lab, product showroom, and demonstration space for Hemro Group’s brands.

All hail the hero

In keeping with the spirit of brand evolution, Hemro Group launched a new Mahlkönig product in 2022.

“Our latest technological breakthrough, the Mahlkönig E80S GbW, adds true grind-by-weight technology to the already fastest speed on the market, at 2.5 seconds per 20-gram shot with the highest volume output of 10 double shots a minute,” says Frick.

Hemro also introduced a limited edition EK43 S grinder, the ICON, as a tribute to its iconic EK43 that Frick says remains a benchmark grinder for high extraction espressos.

“The coffee industry admires the EK43 as a game-changer in grinding, known for unlocking uniformity and high-extract potential without bitterness. All the power and precision that made the Mahlkönig EK43 a global icon, now features in an exclusive design that exists only in EK43 S grinders,” she says.

After celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Mahlkönig X54 Allround Home Grinder in September 2022, Hemro Group decided to narrow its marketing focus to suit the current post-pandemic climate.

“We see big potential in the at-home market given the massive uptake in consumers now craving great quality coffee at home. In November 2022, we launched our first home barista-targeted campaign for the Mahlkönig X54,” Frick says.

With so many positive changes taking place for the company in 2022, Frick is eager to continue riding the wave of product development and is excited for the year ahead.Despite the desire to constantly evolve in an increasingly saturated global coffee market, Hemro never forgets its brand promise to create quality coffee moments above all else.

“We understand ourselves as more than a pure coffee grinding solutions manufacturer. Coffee experts and coffee enthusiasts around the world agree on grinding being a key part in the coffee making process,” says Frick.

“At the start of every cup of any coffee beverage is the ground coffee bean. We are part of a global coffee movement in creating quality coffee moments for more people in the world.”

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This article was first published in the January/February 2023 edition of Global Coffee Report. To read the research paper, click HERE.

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