Hemro Group to showcase innovations at Internorga 2016

Hemro will be giving visitors an exclusive view into the future of coffee grinding by presenting fascinating new models and grinding solutions at the 2016 Internorga trade show. The show, which is being held in Hamburg from March 11-16, will give visitors the chance to discover Mahlkönig’s new Peak grinder. The Peak provides an ultimate performance with premium cast steel grinding discs, having no settling-in effect and being rotated by only 900 rpm. The double ventilation system preserves the coffee’s unique aroma, while the adjustable spout gives an accurate dose adjustment by one one hundredth of a second and the constant temperature indication on the premium OLED display puts the barista in ultimate control of the grinding process. Visitors are welcome to put the Peak to an individual test at the booth. Just settle the spout illumination concept to your favoured setting and start tasting the difference! Mahlkönig is also going to present a re-designed version of the double espresso grinder K30 TWIN, including a new user-friendly touch display control. The machine’s Grind by Weight feature facilitates absolute precise ground coffee dosing. It automatically detects the porta-filter-holder, recognizes whether it is a single- or double-shot and tares the weight. Its quick and easy setting assures a most efficient workflow, and the intuitive operating app for your smart phone or tablet PC puts you into wireless control – anytime and anywhere. Passionate coffee enthusiasts who still haven’t found their perfect match should take a very close look at Mahlkönig’s brand new EK43 Barista. Combining the popular grinding technology of the famous EK43 with completely new technical features that no other grinder has ever offered before – such as an individual motor rotation setting and a multi-adjustable sieve holder support. After Mahlkönig had shown the first prototype during Host in Milan 2015, engineers have further developed the EK43 Barista to wow the audience at Internorga. And finally on display is the Anfim SP-II. This espresso grinder produces the perfect clean cup, coping with high volume requirements despite running with low rpm to maintain cool grinding temperatures. The stepless grind adjustment feature, the newly introduced automatic start-/stop-function as well as the user-friendly operating software on the new display ensures maximum convenience for the barista.

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