HeyCafé showcases latest technology in Seoul

The Hemro Group’s partner HeyCafé has showcased its espresso grinder portfolio as well as two brand new coffee grinder models at the Café Show in Seoul. One of the main attractions was HeyCafé’s prototype of the new HC-123. Thanks to its modular construction, an unlimited number of grinders with a footprint of 130 square millimetres can be assembled side by side as one operating unit. The HC-123’s 64 millimetre diameter grinding discs can be set to grind for any brewing method, from Turkish fine up to French press, while the actively air cooled belt drive grinder saves the coffee’s aroma and produces a minimum of noise. Sales this new model are planned for the beginning of 2017. The other main attraction was theHC-880 shop grinder, featuring 84 millimetre grinding discs made out of specially hardened tooling steel. The HC-880 easily handles 13 to 16 kilograms per hour and provides any degree of coarseness from Turkish fine up to French press, with the indexed scale helping users to find the perfect setting for their beans.

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