High coffee prices lead to theft in Kenya

A night watchman was killed in a Kenyan factory over the weekend when 50 bags of coffee were stolen, as high prices have set-off a series of treats in the African nation, Business Daily Africa reported on 22 August. The news report notes that the nation's regulator, the Coffee Board of Kenya, sent out an alert to remind farmers to take measures against theft. Kiambu, Gathage, Nembu, Thiririka and Muhara coffee factories were said to have lost 80 bags of coffee in recent weeks.  Coffee beans were said to have attracted an average of $480 for a 50-kilogram bag at the time. Factories have reportedly increased security to prevent theft in recent months as the price of coffee has skyrocketed. According to the report, the Coffee Board of Kenya said that 1,216 bags of coffee beans were stolen between July and December 2010.   

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