Honduras’ comeback from roya in the spotlight

Global financial services provider INTL FCStone has released the latest publication in their “From the Farmer” series looking at how the Honduras coffee industry has come back from the coffee leaf rust (roya) crisis. Honduras – The Great Coffee Comeback details the post-roya situation in Honduras and presents the results of on-the-farm interviews with some of the country’s biggest coffee growers. “After a devastating roya infestation, the country’s coffee crop was decimated,” says
Alexis Rubinstein, Senior Editor with INTL FCStone Financial. “Incredible demand
for the product and the development of disease resistant trees incented the country’s coffee growers to double down and Honduras again ranks first in Central America, third in Latin America, and sixth globally in coffee exports by volume.” The publication is available for free download here. “This unique glimpse into one of the world’s most important coffee producing countries provides valuable insight to the challenges faced by coffee growers and the impact these challenges may have on supply,” Rubenstein says.

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