Host Milan announces return of Smart Label innovation award

Host Milan has announced the three categories of its Smart Label innovation awards, to be given out at the 18 to 22 October 2019 event. The Smart Label award will be awarded to products characterised by innovative content, Innovation Smart Label to products which change the directions of conventional trends, and Green Smart Label to products which stand out for their eco-sustainability. There will also be two special mention categories for the applications of new materials and introduction of digital connectivity in the service of the Internet of Things. The international jury is composed of five members, including university professors, professionals and experts with experience in design, hospitality and energy saving. The commission will assess the candidate products, services and projects in the light of the following criteria: efficient functions of products and services, efficacy of products and ease of use of services, and innovative usability, technologies and benefits for users. Over the last three editions of Host, Smart Label has awarded more than 150 prizes and 20 special mentions to leading actors in Italian and international hospitality. These include oxygen barrier capsules which preserve the flavour and aroma of coffee, tables which revolutionise settings in star rated kitchens and hi-tech decanters which enhance the aroma of their contents. Host Milan has also announced its first Design Talks events, seven refresher seminars for architects, experts and industry professionals, guided by an innovative user-centred approach and with a focus on digital transformation. Smart Label candidates must be registered exhibitors at Host Milam 2019, and can apply here.

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