Host Milano to cover all the hot topics in 2017

This year’s HostMilano, which will take place at fieramilano from Friday 20 to Tuesday 24 October 2017, already sees 1437 companies (41 per cent foreign, from 48 countries) in attendance. They will be greeted by over 1500 hosted buyers who, thanks to increasing investment in profiling and an increasingly closer collaboration with the ITA – Italian Trade Agency, will include new names and an ever-growing type of companies. Today, the International Hospitality Exhibition is not simply a showcase of machinery and some of the most innovative solutions on the market within all the various hospitality, restaurant and catering sectors, but it’s also a place where training and learning opportunities abound. HostMilano is an opportunity to explore a multi-sensory experience, thanks to the demonstrations at the stands and to the show-cooking events held by today’s top chefs, as well as the extraordinary creations crafted by pastry chefs and cake designers and performances by the most talented baristas and bartenders. All of this amidst the subtle and seductive aroma of coffee drifting from hall to hall and the fragrance of freshly baked pizza and bread. These events enrich the offers of all the various branches taking part at Host, from catering and the art of baking to the bar, furnishing and tableware sectors and ice-cream and pastry industries. They are important for two main reasons: some of the events are more engaging and include training, marketing and aspects of sensoriality, without neglecting the valuable technical insights for those in direct contact with the consumer, barista, baker, pastry chef or restaurant owner, whoever they may be. Meanwhile, other events at Host are of economical interest, allowing for a broad vision of the hospitality sector with in-depth insights, round tables, data presentations, growing trends and a focus on the various markets. In addition to the specificities of the various sectors, the events taking place will focus on today’s hot topics: training and apprenticeships for the young (or not so young) entering the market, competition between top professionals on an international level, process and layout sustainability and format innovation. At the black and aromatic beating heart of HostMilano lies Sic, the International Coffee Trade Show, which as always, will be offering a series of events to better understand the many different facets of this evolving sector. World Coffee Events with the Speciality Coffee Association will be in attendance once again with their global coffee samples and demonstrations before the public, preparing espressos and drip-brewed coffee as well as interesting coffee and alcohol-based concoctions. There will also be an educational and sensory self-guided route available. Altoga and Fipe will be working alongside Host 2017 to inject life into Caffè e…, the event wholly devoted to the multi-faceted coffee sector, from wellbeing to flavour, which begins with a green bean before being toasted and ground and ends with a final sampling of the blend. But that’s not all. Hub Coffee Science, an extension of the International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation, will instead represent a centre for scientific research, where the visitors will be able to interact with the researchers and use the lab instruments to explore the secrets of coffee from an unusual perspective.

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