How Franke’s Mytico line maintains consistency with each cup

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Franke Coffee Systems brand ambassador Wojciech Tysler describes how the Mytico line meets the end consumers’ needs by creating a consistent cup of coffee every time. 

Wojciech Tysler is a 2021 World Barista Championship finalist. He’s worked in the hospitality industry for more than 17 years, has a wealth of industry knowledge and skills, and is what many would consider a credible source for finding a quality espresso machine. His passion for the perfect cup may have led him to Franke Coffee Systems, but the machine manufacturer’s new Mytico line is what influenced him to become the brand’s ambassador.

“When we’re talking about good coffee, we need good beans, good quality water at the right temperature, a good barista, and the right coffee machine. This is where the Mytico line comes in,” Tysler says.

Franke Coffee Systems’ new product category BeyondTraditional features its first product line Mytico, which Tysler believes is a one-of-a-kind machine.

“Franke’s innovative technologies paired with my barista skills are the perfect recipe to delight customers. Once set, Franke’s automatic coffee machines consistently create delicious coffee beverages. Baristas can focus on maintaining eye contact, offering a friendly smile, and engaging in small talk while signature coffee drinks are being prepared,” he says.

Franke Coffee Systems CEO Marco Zancolò says the BeyondTraditional product category “perfectly complements” the brand’s broad product portfolio of fully automatic coffee machines, while the new Mytico line unlocks even more potential for today’s coffee businesses.

“Different demands and segments require a flexible, modular system. This new product category shows our ability to constantly improve and adapt technologies and offer new products that meet the ever-changing needs of consumers,” Zancolò says.

The first two products in this product line, Mytico Due and Mytico Vario, include a large variability of beverage options on two eight-inch touchscreens. Tysler appreciates the programmable Barista Levers on both group heads, which give the user direct access to the most frequently used beverages or features.

“For example, if you pull the lever down you can set it up to produce a single espresso and pull the lever up to offer a double espresso,” he says.

Tysler says the patented Franke iQFlow extraction technology, available in both machines, allows baristas to control the flavour output while maintaining a consistent, high-quality coffee.

“iQFlow allows the user to personalise multiple flavour profiles and efficiently extracts the full aroma, flavour, and body from every roasted coffee bean, revolutionising the traditional extraction concept. This intelligent technology distils more flavour under constant, uniform pressure throughout the entire extraction time, thus enabling consistent, individual taste profiles,” says Tysler.

“iQFlow is very precise with extraction time. What consumers look for in a good coffee is consistency, and the Mytico machines give you just that. Plus, when I start steaming milk on it, it’s absolutely amazing.”
Each machine has two coffee modules, allowing two operators to run the machine at once.

“With minimal effort and training required and a compact design that fits easily on your countertop at an ideal height for better customer interaction, Mytico maximises efficiency and effectiveness for a more streamlined service,” Zancolò says.

Zancolò says while the machine models look similar, the two possess distinct qualities.

“Mytico Due prioritises barista-quality service with a two-step preparation using fully automated or traditional steam wands and a modern design. Its automated operation and intuitive design, coupled with a low machine height, enable baristas to easily engage with customers,” he says.

The automatic machine has a daily capacity output of 300 cups. The Franke automatic cleaning system supports this volume by maintaining hygiene standards.

Mytico Vario, on the other hand, contains a higher daily capacity output of 360 cups. It features a simple configuration, automated operation, and an integrated milk system. Different milk and milk alternatives can be prepared at the same time on both the left and right coffee module.

The integrated milk system helps reduce milk waste and opens up an additional beverage range, while the steam wand allows more variety with milk or plant-based alternatives.

“Franke’s FoamMaster technology provides the unique ability to pre-set a custom foam profile for each beverage and milk selection, allowing your customers to enjoy barista-style coffee at the touch of a button. Whether they choose hot coffee with milk or a milk alternative, light foam or more, every cup can be consistently executed to suit their preferences,” Zancolò says.

The machines come in six different Franke colours: Onyx, Cotton, Sand, Burgundy, Blueberry, and Basil. The range is intended to suit any environment, from a classic style restaurant to a modern coffee bar.

“Today’s consumers expect excellent coffee, as if prepared by a barista. Drinking a cup of coffee out-of-home is meant to be a memorable and enjoyable experience, yet the shortage of skilled staff in the industry has become a concern on a worldwide scale. Thus, it is a challenge for owners of coffee businesses to consistently satisfy their customers’ demand for high-quality coffee experiences every single day, cup after cup,” says Zancolò.

“Franke’s new product category in professional coffee making, BeyondTraditional, is the perfect response to such challenges. It combines existing concepts and technologies with new trends and demands and brings to life solutions that go beyond industry standards. The first result of this new approach is the ground-breaking product line called Mytico.”

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This article was first published in the September/October 2023 edition of Global Coffee Report. Read more HERE.

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