ICO and ITC release new edition of The Coffee Exporter’s Guide

The International Coffee Organisation (ICO) and the International Trade Centre have released the new edition of The Coffee Exporter's Guide. The guide is: “an extensive, hands-on and neutral source of information on the international coffee trade”, the ICO said in a statement. The guide covers trade issues relevant to coffee growers, traders, exporters, transportation companies, certifiers, associations, authorities and others in coffee-producing countries. “It is our hope that this guide will continue to serve as an essential training and knowledge-sharing tool to advance the interests of producers, exporters and those who support them in coffee-producing countries around the world,” said Patricia Francis, ITC's Executive Director, in a statement. This third edition marks the guide’s 20th anniversary. It addresses new trends such as climate change, the role of women in the coffee sector and comparison of sustainability schemes. The ICO has provided information on coffee statistics and related issues that appear in the guide. The International Trade Centre (ITC) is the joint agency of the United Nations and the World Trade Organisation. Since ITC’s creation in 1964, its publications program has informed
the business sector in developing countries about trade development challenges, issues and trends. The guide is available free of charge online at—Third-Edition/ A print copy of the 270-page book can be ordered at: The price is US$70 (US$28 for developing countries). Organisations wishing to acquire bulk copies for use in training can contact ITC for a special rate. For more information, contact: Natalie Domeisen, Head, ITC Publications or Morten Scholer, Senior Adviser,

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