ICO farewells Brazilian Ambassador Marcos Pinta Gama

Brazil’s Permanent Representative to the International Coffee Organisation (ICO) Ambassador Marcos Vinícius Pinta Gama has left the world of coffee after being assigned a new role as Brazil’s next ambassador to Sweden. Pinta Gama has worked with the ICO as a spokesperson for Brazil’s coffee producers since August 2010. “His contributions and insight have been instrumental throughout our negotiating committees and have always ensured that an amicable decision can be reached between coffee producers and consumers,” said Robério Oliveira Silva, Executive Director of the International Coffee Organisation, in a statement. Chancellor Celso Amorim, the then Minister for Foreign Relations in Brazil, appointed Pinta Gama to the position at the ICO in 2010 to enhance Brazil’s participation within the organisation. According to the ICO, Pinta Gama’s role reaffirmed that Brazil was committed to its inclusion in the International Coffee Agreement and the work of the ICO in the world coffee economy. “It is a great loss for the ICO and its members that Ambassador Pinta Gama is parting from the world of coffee but I am delighted and extremely proud that he will be Brazil’s next Ambassador to Sweden. He will no doubt bring his great expertise and knowledge to also flourish in this role,” said Oliveira Silva, in the statement. The ICO hosted a reception in honour of Pinta Gama’s at the ICO’s headquarters in London, England. Oliveira Silva has credited Pinta Gama as helping build his 2011 campaign to lead the ICO as its Executive Director.

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