ICO releases inaugural Coffee Development Report

The International Coffee Organization (ICO) has released the 2019 Coffee Development Report, the first issue of its new economic flagship publication.

Growing for Prosperity: Economic viability as the catalyst for a sustainable coffee sector presents an in-depth analysis of the root causes and impact of low coffee price levels and volatility. It contains an independent assessment of 50 possible actions to address the economic challenges and foster the long-term sustainability of the coffee sector.

At its 121st Session held in Mexico in April 2018, the International Coffee Council approved the introduction of an annual theme for the ICO’s work to align all its activities and to publish an in-depth flagship report every year.

After the publication of a pilot flagship report on coffee and gender in September 2018, the Coffee Development Report is the first of the new series and will be published every coffee year.

This first Coffee Development Report is based on analysis of ICO data and information from external sources and seeks to offer a framework to capture the complex nature of the coffee market. The ICO says it builds on and complements other ICO studies, as well as drawing on the outcomes of the structured sector-wide dialogue in which 80 experts and 2000 participants were involved in five consultative events organised by the ICO in Nairobi, at the United Nations in New York City, in Rome at the Exco Development Expo, and at the European Commission in Brussels.

The ICO says the publication of the Coffee Development Report represents a significant advancement in its function as a global forum for discussion on coffee policies and reaffirms the commitment of the ICO in supporting its members to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

A key message of the report is that the sustainable and inclusive development of the coffee sector requires major shifts, through enhanced sector-level cooperation based on shared values and responsibilities and an alignment of actions, funding and schemes through pre-competitive action, public-private partnerships, and investments.

The Coffee Development Report 2019 has been prepared by the ICO team with contributions from Aidenvironment and Newcastle University.

The full Coffee Development Report 2019 is available in English. A hard copy will be distributed to ICO Members, and is also available to download free.

For more information or to download the report, click HERE.

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