IENI offers coffee trainer qualification

The Italian Espresso National Institute (IENI) is giving baristas the opportunity to become a qualified Espresso Italiano Trainer. Following Triestespresso 2014 IENI, in cooperation with the International Institute of Coffee tasters (IIAC), is running four certification sessions. The first two modules M1 Espresso Italiano Tasting and M2 Espresso Italiano Specialist will run in Brescia, Italy on the 27 and 28 October. During M1 Espresso Italiano tasting, baristas will have the chance to learn how to distinguish good espresso and how to get a precise sensory profile of the cup. On the following day, the IENI will provide an in-depth look into the influence of machinery on Italian espresso. Those wishing to become trainers will be required to attend two more modules, M3 Sensory Psychophysiology, 29 October and the EIT Espresso Italiano Trainer course, 30 October. The M3 Sensory Psychophysiology is an interactive session that teaches participants how their senses form their perception. Successful students will receive a certificate upon passing the theory and tasting exams and will join the league of over 100 Espresso Italiano Trainers. Certified trainers will be entitled to hold the sensory seminar Espresso Italiano Experience on behalf of the IIAC.

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