iFinca launches app to create a transparent supply chain

Colombian technology company iFinca launched the beta version of its iFinca app on 8 October.

The bilingual app is designed to streamline coffee sourcing and deliver greater value to farmers at the beginning of the supply chain.

“The supply chain begins at the farm. That’s why we’ve focused our energy on creating a platform to reach through to farmers,” says Alexander Barrett, CEO of iFinca.

The app is developed by Debut Infotech and uses blockchain technology to verify purchases and increase efficiency across the entire supply chain. It grants transparency from the farm level through to roasters and cafés.

“When every actor has access to the same information, they can create mutually beneficial relationships where farmers are fairly compensated, and roasters receive high-quality, ethically sourced coffee,” says Barrett.

The cost of coffee production for farmers has exceeded its average market price over the last year and some believe greater transparency is the solution.

“There’s a peace of mind that comes with doing business transparently and knowing the actual market prices and the costs of the entire supply chain,” says Paula Roldán of Finca Santa Elena.

Crazy Mocha will be the first to serve iFinca verified coffee. The roaster and retailer has more than 20 stores in and around Pittsburgh, United States.

The iFinca app was awarded the 2019 Best New Product Award in Technology at the 2019 Specialty Coffee Association Expo.

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