iFOREX to add coffee and sugar to contract offerings

Currency trading company iFOREX announced in early June that it will be soon adding Coffee and Sugar to the Contract for Differences (CFD) that it offers. By offering its clients these new commodities, iFOREX said in a statement that it is attempting to expand and diversify its list of CFDs to include a variety of popular tradable commodities. iFOREX currently provides its services in an array of languages, including Arabic, Spanish and Russian. “As the commodity market continues to gain popularity every day, it is important to have access to the major commodities available for trading,” the company said in a statement. “Sugar is a commodity that beginner traders are normally familiar with and they can often find reliable information to plan their investments. Similarly, Coffee is a well known commodity that enjoys a daily consumption of over 2.25 billion cups. Together, Sugar and Coffee make up two of the worlds major commodities.” The company noted that the commodity market has witnessed an increase in popularity among traders, especially being available through CFDs.  iFOREX said that it will continue to ensure the highest level of cutting edge services by introducing diverse and popular tradable commodities, including Coffee and Sugar CFDs.   

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