illy welcomes new global campaign


Italian coffee producer illy has launched its new campaign “Welcome on the Road to Happiness” which highlights how the road to happiness is circular, using the process of creating a cup of coffee, from farm to cup, as an example.

The campaign focuses on the coffee journey from cultivation to consumption and aims to convey the ‘essence of illy’: product quality (Good), social and environmental sustainability (Goodness), and art and aesthetics (Beauty).

It follows the coffee growers, who with illy’s green coffee experts’ support, produce high-quality beans in a sustainable way. The illy coffee experts then select nine varieties of the best Arabica coffee to create the brand’s unique blend. It portrays a world where baristas go beyond providing coffee to create extraordinary experiences.

“The campaign aims, first and foremost, to communicate what has been driving illy for more than three generations: the mission to offer the best coffee in the world and make people smile,” says Massimiliano Pogliani, CEO of illycaffè.

“But there’s also a deeper meaning to this: implementing the great values of our time, as conceived by a company based on ethics, promoting shared wellbeing, and looking at the future with optimism and hope.”

The campaign shows that this daily quest for happiness brings people together and happens during social situations or in moments of inclusion and mutual support. It portrays a society where everyone works together to create a world where we are all respected and cared for.

“There’s a common drive to build, also in daily life, a better world based on sustainability, transparency, and enhancing people value,” says Pogliani.

“These are the same values that have enabled us to become the first Italian coffee company to obtain the B Corp certification. Welcome on the Road to Happiness is a journey from the bean to the cup, as well as the path of an authentic human spirit.”

Referencing the isolation from the COVID-19 pandemic, the campaign presents the idea that people are genuinely happy when others are happy too, and not at the expense of others.

Artist Michelangelo Pistoletto, who has worked with illy for more than 20 years, will also be contributing to the campaign to signify the important connection between illy coffee, quality, and art.

American director André Stringer filmed the campaign, creating an image-based narrative that “carries powerful messages about illy’s brand and identity”.

The campaign pays homage to Trieste, Italy, where illycaffè was founded, through shots of the seaside location and its main square: Piazza Unità d’Italia.

The campaign was created with IPG Coffee Tables and based on its “Open Architecture” system which looks at the best talents within the company to create a customised response to the needs of global consumers.

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