Illycaffè launches first coffee with regenerative agriculture label


Illycaffè, in partnership with the Cerrado Coffee Growers Federation, has launched its first coffee with the regenerative agriculture label.

“Regenerative agriculture is a banner of the company’s president, Andrea Illy, who also leads the Regenerative Society Foundation,” says illycaffè Sulamerica General Manager Frederico Canepa.

“In addition, regenerative practise is an interesting model because it allows us to maintain high productions and guarantee the conservation of the ecosystem.”

The coffee, named Arabica Selection Brasile Cerrado Mineiro, has notes of intense caramel. It will be available in over 50 countries this year, and is expected to reach 140 by 2024.

“This launch is a turning point for us,” says Cerrado Coffee Growers Cooperative President Fernando Beloni. “As well as being the first product with a regenerative label and designation of origin to go into retail, it will be distributed by illycaffè, which is a major company and very renowned in the sector.”

The regenerative certification label was awarded by Regenagri, a global organisation that aims to guarantee the health and preservation of the soil with certification from the British Control Union.

“Expocacer currently has 5500 hectares of regenerative coffee, and we are working to certify even more cooperative members,” says Beloni.

Regenerative coffee farming adopts practices that aim to preserve soil health, protect water resources, increase biodiversity, and promote the resilience of agricultural systems.

This practise has multiple benefits, including preserving flora and fauna, saving on costs, reducing pollution, increasing coffee quality, and resistance to climate change.

The Arabica Selection Brasile Cerrado Mineiro coffee will be sold in 250-gram cans, in both ground and grain versions.

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