IMA and Caffè Borbone: partners who combined quality, sustainability and efficiency


The collaboration between Caffè Borbone, a Neapolitan espresso brand, and IMA Coffee, a coffee packaging manufacturer started in 2009, when Massimo Renda, Executive President of Caffè Borbone, chose IMA as the supplier of a dedicated integrated machine to produce coffee pods complete with outer envelope and packed in cartons.

According to IMA, the two companies share the same corporate strategy and values, as they’ve always supported product diversification, and focused on environmental friendliness and social and economic sustainability.

Both are also innovation-oriented, drawing on their solid experience in the field of research and development.

“The 100 per cent Amici della Natura compostable pod is the tangible expression of our commitment to searching for increasingly ‘green’ and environmentally friendly solutions,” says Massimo Renda.

“Quality and sustainability are among the founding principles of Caffè Borbone, supplemented by an advantageous use of technology, capable of enhancing and above all preserving the sensory characteristics of our product,” he adds.

“For this reason, IMA immediately stood out as the ideal partner”.

Renda says the partnership between the companies was successful from the word go, guided by a shared spirit of growth, which resulted in a long-term partnership based on sustainable principles and efficiency, and above all, aimed at preserving the quality of its products.

Caffè Borbone has relied from the very beginning on IMA Coffee, a company that offers a wide range of solutions, in terms of both production capacity and type of capsule and material to be used, thus contributing to the complete renewal of the range of machines for compatible products.

IMA says packaging for Borbone is a hallmark of top product quality, a constant challenge that fuels the research into, and development of, increasingly advanced technologies, with extra focus on efficiency and production capacity.

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