IMA Coffee to present sustainable solutions at HostMilano

IMA Coffee

IMA Coffee will exhibit coffee roasting and packaging solutions at HostMilano this year, including the IMA Petroncini TTA60 and IMA Petroncini TMR roasters.

The manufacturer will also showcase the TMR25 LAB, a scaled down version of the IMA Petroncini industrial model, meant for lab purposes.

“TMR25 makes it possible to perform new roasting profiles, testing new blends and transferring the roasting parameters on the industrial roaster to launch the production. That’s possible thanks to Orchestra, the new roasting control applied on TMR models, capable of self-tuning the machine parameters, thus enabling the roasting technologist to achieve constant roasting results over time, especially for products such as pods and capsules,” says Nicola Panzani, CEO at IMA Petroncini and Sales Director at IMA Coffee Hub.

The TMR saves energy by using one burner as a heat generator and after burner to reduce carbon dioxide, NOx, and VOC emissions. The heat recirculation allows, on average, 30 to 35 per cent energy saving, compared to traditional roasters.

IMA Coffee is also reducing its environmental impact along the coffee production chain in collaboration with OPENLab, IMA Group’s network of technological laboratories and testing areas dedicated to research on sustainable materials, technologies, and production optimisation processes. This environmental commitment applies through testing alternative processes to preserve the resources, adapting filling and sealing technology to the new packaging materials to minimize the packaging waste.

At HostMilano, IMA Coffee will present the latest projects developed at IMA OPENLab alongside the new SB1 LAB, a compact rotary machine for the filling and sealing of single capsules, meant for lab purposes and small production, and the SR4N, designed for medium production volumes. SR4N is a reliable solution for handling compostable capsules ensuring high technological standards and high dosing accuracy, in a compact footprint.

“IMA Coffee’s expertise and specific know-how for each type of product allow us to configure complete customised lines for every production requirement. We offer a combination of primary, secondary and end-of-line packaging solutions to achieve the highest levels of productivity, efficiency and flexibility in size changeover and capsule material handling,” says Alessandro Nobili, Head of Product and Project Management at IMA Coffee Packaging Solutions.

Visit IMA Coffee Hub at HostMilano Hall 22P – Stand K47 K 57 L48 L58.

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