Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival announces dates

The Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival (IBCF) will be hosted at Espacio 88 from 11 to 13 October. In its third consecutive edition, the IBCF aims to introduce specialty coffee to coffee consumers not yet familiar with the concept. For the first time, the event will host two days aimed at professionals in the industry, including roasters, importers, coffee shop owners, baristas and representatives of the specialty coffee chain value. The third day will include an open day with free entrance tailored for newcomers to specialty coffee culture. Among the people attending IBCF is Klaus Thomsen, Owner of Coffee Collective in Denmark and 2006 World Barista Champion. He will fly in from Copenhagen to talk about direct trade. Other attendees will include Morgan Love, Owner of Silo Coffee in Berlin, and Krésten Thøgersen, Owner of Father Carpenter Coffee in Germany. They will fly from Berlin to talk about many topics, including their new joint coffee roasting project, Fjord Coffee Roasters. The festival will feature espresso and brew bars and some of the best local food projects with more cuppings, talks, workshops and professional networking opportunities. For more information, visit:

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