Indian coffee market one of the fastest growing in the world

India is one of the fastest growing coffee markets in the world, Research and Markets said in their “Assessment of the Coffee Industry in India” report released on 9 August.  The report highlights that coffee consumption is increasing in the tea-drinking nation. The base of coffee consumers is said to be expanding due to changing demographics, increasing urbanisation, rising disposable income and a large number of retail outlets emerging across the country.  The report notes that prominent coffee chains in urban India are collaborating with coffee growers in remote areas to cater to the demands of the Indian consumer. India current has an over 100 per cent import tax on coffee (except coffee that is re-exported).  The report notes that the changing lifestyle of consumers has led to a surge in the country's café culture, with many players vying for market share. The report notes that café penetration is likely to see rapid growth following the entry of Starbucks in 2012-13.  In terms of in-house consumption at the national level, the report says the market is largely dominated by Hindustan Unilever's Bru and Nestlé India's Nescafe.  The full report is currently available for purchase from Research and Markets. 

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