Indonesia Cup of Excellence auction results

Indonesia Cup of Excellence

The inaugural Indonesia Cup of Excellence (CoE) auction proved to be a big hit with the global marketplace, bringing in 123 bidders representing 28 countries to compete for 26 of Indonesia’s most prized lots.

The auction ended with an average price per pound of US$29.55 with total revenue amounting to US$360,342.58.

The first-place coffee, a honey process blend of Ateng, Gayo 1, and P88 from the Aceh Island produced by Dilen Ali Gogo, received the top price of US$80 per pound.

“We are very pleased with the auction results. We give our thanks to Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia (SCAI) and the organisers for making the first CoE in Indonesia happen,” says Asman from Ribang Gayo, representative for Dilen Ali Gogo.

Farmers gathered at the Indonesia Cup of Excellence Awards, Auction, and Coffee Festival 2021 event to watch the auction live despite it being in the middle of the night.

Dilen Ali Gogo’s entire lot was purchased by Wataru for Yamatoya Coffee, which plans to introduce the coffee to the Japanese market as the Best of the Best Indonesian Coffee.

Wataru purchased six of the 26 lots; they held an open invite cupping session for customers and received many ‘reservations’ for lots prior to the auction.

“Coffee from Indonesia has unique flavours; sweet, earthy, and spicy,” says Keita Matsumoto of Wataru.

“Through cupping, we found many flavours interesting, and the country is very fascinating because of the diversity of origin there.”

Indonesia proved to be a popular origin for many other countries, with the top five lots going to six countries.

There was also an in-country purchase, with Kopikina purchasing lot 14 for Indonesia coffee lovers to taste the best from their country.

“These results have exceeded our expectations,” says Daryanto Witarsa, Executive Director of the SCAI.

“With the average price of US$29.55 per pound, I think this is a great start for Indonesia.”

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