Indonesia Robustas shipping at record rate: Volcafe

Indonesia is shipping coffee at a record rate, Volcafe reported on 15 March, with farmers eager to take advantage of high domestic differentials. Volcafe reported that 12-month shipments from Indonesia reached 350,000 tonnes of Robusta from the Panjang port in Indonesia's Lampung province. Exports in February were said to have registered at 23,989 metric tonnes, the highest ever recorded. Volcafe reported that the country's low lands areas have started to harvest, with the first new coffee crop flowing into Lampung, with around 1350 to 1500 metric tonnes arriving in the week leading up to 15 March. “Local traders are eager to sell their coffee, due to higher domestic prices,” Volcafe reported. Origin differentials for Indonesian Grade 4 Robusta was said to be US$50 per metric tonne over the LIFFE price for the week leading up to 15 March.

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