Initiative for coffee&climate to host symposium in February


The initiative for coffee&climate will be hosting an online symposium titled ‘It’s Bean Too Hot: The Reality of Coffee Farming in the Era of Climate Change’ which will take place 21 – 22 February.

The event will bring together coffee farming communities, farmer organisations, local experts, scientists and coffee companies to explore the reality of coffee farming in the face of climate change.

Discussions will centre around the impact of production, landscapes and livelihoods caused by rising temperatures, while providing pragmatic solutions for resilience, adaptation and mitigation.

The symposium will include sessions on access to finance for smallholder farmers and the role of gender inclusivity in climate action.

The initiative for coffee&climate is based on the mutual interest of public partners and coffee companies to react to climate change and to develop solutions for smallholder coffee farming.

To learn more or to register for the symposium, click here.

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