Instant coffee drinkers more likely to choose taste over price: Australian study

A Canstar Blue survey found that 64 per cent of instant coffee drinkers in Australia choose taste over price when selecting a product. Canstar Blue’s 2012 survey showed that consumers chose instant coffee with a higher price tag because of superior product taste. “The findings show most consumers simply won’t compromise on taste,” says Logan. This survey of 1772 participants revealed that instant coffee had the strongest brand loyalty with 68 percent of customers always purchasing the same brand of instant coffee. Hogan says that the survey demonstrates the power of consumer choice and predicts that the instant coffee market will not be affected by recent supermarket price wars. “The findings show most consumers won’t compromise on taste,” said Canstar BLue Manager Rebecca Hogan. “The savage price cuts between the major supermarkets impacting milk, bread, fresh fruit and vegetables are unlikely to extend to the snack food and instant coffee market.” According to the survey, Baby Boomers are the most loyal consumer generation “consistently buying the same brand of instant coffee”. The survey also found that 85 per cent of coffee drinkers believe that premium brands tasted better than generic brands. Moccona was voted the favorite instant coffee, according to the Canstar survey. The brand, among other favorites, mostly employ sustainable production methods and offer products with fewer chemicals and additives. Hogan says: “This demonstrates that many Australian consumers are keeping the environment and their health in mind even when making snack food purchases.”

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