Intelligentsia Coffee enters ready-to-drink category

Intelligentsia Coffee ready drink

Intelligentsia Coffee, one of the United States’ pioneering specialty coffee brands has entered the ready-to-drink category with the launch of three beverages, Cold Coffee, Oat Latte, and Spiced Oat Latte.

The coffee in all three beverages is a blend of Ethiopian coffee from Intelligentsia’d direct trade partners at METAD, supplemented by Guatemalan coffee produced by Finca Santa Ana or Peruvian coffee sourced from Origin Coffee Lab during different points of the year due to seasonality.

“One thing we said during the process of creating our ready-to-drink beverages was that we didn’t want to put drinks on the market just to keep up with everyone else, we wanted to enter this category with outstanding offerings that showcase Intelligentsia’s dedication to quality,” says James McLaughlin, CEO of Intelligentsia Coffee.

The product line is inspired by customer favorites at Intelligentsia’s coffeebars, where Oatly beverages make up 13 per cent of orders and cold coffee is a bestseller year-round. Oat Latte and Spiced Oat Latte are a continuation of Intelligentsia’s partnership with Oatly, which started in 2016 when the specialty coffee company became the first American business to offer the dairy milk alternative in its coffeebars.

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