International guest speakers to present at COTECA conference

  COTECA Coffee, Tea and Cocoa Global Industry Expo will host international guest speakers at the accompanying conference taking place from 20 – 22 September in Hamburg, Germany. The event, in its third year, is a highlight for the coffee, tea and cocoa business. The COTECA conference will feature top speakers discussing topics influencing the coffee market, including Susie Spindler, Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) and Cup of Excellence Executive Director. Stephen Pollard of Intl FC Stone Europe will speak about the factors influencing green coffee trading, and Rainer Renner, Head of Trade & Commodity Finance at Commerzbank Hamburg, will explain how coffee buying is financed. Christian Bunn, a Berlin academic and visiting researcher at the International Centre of Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) in Colombia, will also speak about the effects of climate change for coffee producers. COTECA brings together high-ranking representatives of business, the academic community, government and society, to discuss the challenges and opportunities for coffee, cocoa and tea in tomorrow’s markets.

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