INTL FCStone launches ‘CoffeeNetwork’s From the Farmer’ series of reports

INTL FCStone has announced the launch of a new series of articles CoffeeNetwork’s From the Farmer. The online series will provide information direct from origin, including weather updates, crop progress, internal prices and other data that may impact the global market. “From Colombia to Guatemala, CoffeeNetwork will be on the farms, speaking first-hand to the producers, the people who know coffee best, examining the condition of the coffee trees, cupping coffee at source, and reporting on the stories that otherwise wouldn’t be told,” said FCStone, in a statement. “Exclusive photos will provide additional insight into the coffee industry at origin.” The series will cover topics including the progress of pest and disease control, advanced irrigation methods, new coffee processing technology, soil maintenance and marketing strategies. FCStone said that in addition to providing critical updates to the coffee sector, From the Farmer is a platform for farmers to provide information they believe the industry should know. In the first of the series FCStone examines coffee culture in Colombia, including a historical account of production. The company will provide insight into industries in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil and Panama throughout next year. Colombia: Taking the Path of Most Resistance can be read online now:

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