JDE Peet’s partners with Pret a Manger to release new aluminium coffee pods

JDE Peet's

JDE Peet’s has partnered with sandwich franchise Pret a Manger to create a new range of aluminium coffee pods that use Pret’s 100 per cent organic coffee.

“We have long been impressed with the Pret brand and the unique organic coffee they serve consumers throughout the United Kingdom,” says Andy Adams, Sales Director of JDE Peet’s, UK.

“We are excited to partner with a premium brand for their first venture into Single Serve coffee in retail and we look forward to expanding our partnership to bring new premium coffee experiences to consumers here in the United Kingdom and beyond.”

The new range is compatible with Nespresso coffee machines and consists of five products: the two new coffee pod stock keeping units (SKUs), alongside a Roast bean SKU, a Ground bean SKU, and a 450-gram whole bean SKU.

The new pods use dark roasted beans to “create an intense and indulgent espresso-based coffee” and are available in two blends: Espresso and Classic.

The Espresso Blend range has notes of dark chocolate spice with smooth undertones while the Classic Blend has Pret chocolate caramel tones.

According to the Pret, coffee shop brands have continued to grow in penetration and play a role in the premiumisation of the coffee category within the UK with consumer numbers doubling since 2019.

Nespresso compatible pods have driven this growth both in the single serve market and in the premiumisation trend with single serve coffee reaching 18.6 per cent of the total coffee sales in the UK, says Pret.

“We are thrilled to be adding coffee pods to our growing coffee-at-home range so more of our customers can enjoy our organic coffees from the comfort of their home. Whether you’re committed to your cafetière, or you love the convenience of using coffee pods, we want to make sure there is something for everyone to enjoy as we continue to expand how people can enjoy the Pret products they’ve grown to love in our shops,” says Clare Clough, UK Managing Director of Pret A Manger

“JDE has been creating coffee for over 265 years, and we’re delighted to be partnering with them to launch our first-ever coffee pods.”

The new aluminium coffee pods are part of Pret’s latest series of consumer-packaged goods in its business transformation program. The range is now available at more than 500 Tesco supermarkets throughout the UK and online here.

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