JDE Peet’s to combine Out-of-Home and CPG Europe segments

JDE Peet's

JDE Peet’s has announced its intention to combine its Out-Of-Home and CPG Europe segments, into one European segment under the leadership of Juan Amat, currently President, CPG Europe.

This proposed organisational change will enable the European markets to apply a true omnichannel approach, a model the company applies in all of its other markets. It will also allow the company to leverage its brands more effectively and reduce complexity.

“Over the last couple of years, we have successfully implemented various initiatives that have strengthened the foundations and improved the performance of our Out-of-Home business,” says Fabien Simon, CEO of JDE Peet’s.

“However, we operate in a dynamic environment, and how our customers and consumers engage with us, buy our products, and use our services continues to structurally evolve. Combining our Out-of-Home and CPG Europe segments will allow us to better leverage our brand power and unlock value.”

If these proposed changes are effectuated, JDE Peet’s will align its segment reporting with the new organisational model. The reporting of the other segments and the total company is not subject to change.

According to JDE Peet’s, the proposed changes are subject to information and/or consultation as applicable regulations require.

For more information, visit the JDE Peet’s website.

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