Juan Valdez launches in Canada, consolidates North American market

Juan Valdez

Colombian-based multinational coffeehouse chain Juan Valdez has launched into Canada’s retail and e-commerce coffee market, consolidating its expansion into North America.

“Through our distributor, we will be able to have a presence in diverse consumption channels in the territory,” says Sebastián Mejía, International Vice-President of Juan Valdez.

Juan Valdez has announced distribution deals with 170 Canadian clients, including restaurants, hotels, grocery chains and retail markets.

Canadian buyers will have access to whole bean and ground coffee products, freeze-dried coffee (regular, decaffeinated and flavoured) and Keurig type coffee capsules.

The move follows Juan Valdez’s successful expansion into US markets in 2021, striking distribution deals with Whole Foods supermarket chains and CVS pharmacy chains in Florida.

The Juan Valdez brand was launched in 2002 by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, a not-for-profit representing 540,000 coffee-growing families.

Establishing footholds in North American markets represents a significant expansion for Juan Valdez, which began international operations in 2005.

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