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Juan Valdez President Camila Escobar views 2021 with optimism

Camila escobar

While 2020 proved no crystal ball is accurate, GCR invited industry leaders to share their hopes, ambitions, and predictions for 2021, in what is likely to be a defining year for the international coffee market.

As a brand, we see 2021 with optimism, despite the great uncertainty that has characterised 2020. We look forward to a new year that will bring us closer to the excellent performance we saw in 2019. 

During 2020, Juan Valdez took every opportunity to develop its sales channels. In the international market, we reached new countries and markets. We also deepened national opportunities with a recovery of in-store sales of close to 75 per cent. In the mass consumption channel, we supplied coffee to the at-home market and strengthened digital channels with the launch of our app for home deliveries.

Our strategic plans are still in place and we trust in the power, the capacity, and the opportunities that our company has. The uncertainty continues, but we are no longer afraid of it, since we have structured action plans to adjust to either a continuous recovery, or possible peaks and valleys that will surely come.

We see 2021 with growth in international channels, as well as in mass consumption channels and surely a beginning of sales recovery to the levels we had in 2019.

Juan Valdez’s main strategic objective for the coming years is to generate shared value for coffee growers, shareholders, consumers, workers, and suppliers. To achieve this goal, the company has focused on three main focuses.

  1. We will continue to strengthen our brand through the experience of our consumers, enhancing our communication platforms, making a continuous commitment to innovation, and with our loyalty plan “Amigos Juan Valdez”.
  2. The consolidation in the Colombian market is the most important for the company. Currently, we have a strong position nationally, which we must continue to solidify. At the moment, we are ensuring our coffee shops have profitable growth, and are exponentially expanding our presence in the mass consumption channel. Additionally, we must accelerate our digital channels’ development and continue to mature non-traditional channels for the brand.
  3. The international market has great potential for Juan Valdez. We want to reach new cultures and enhance our presence in countries where our brand already has some awareness. We aim to expand in Latin America, North America and Mexico, and continue developing the e-commerce channel for the main markets.

In addition, we must keep focused on our business transformation, which helps us achieve our goals, as well as our strategic objective. This cross-cutting process includes: 

  • Implementation of digital matters in diferent processes.
  • Adoption and internalisation of the new corporate culture that ensures talent and capacities to execute the company’s strategy.
  • Integration of the sustainability model in our business that seeks to fulfill our goal of becoming a company that creates shared value for the various stakeholders we have.

Written by Camila Escobar, President of Juan Valdez.

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