Juan Valdez releases special edition Antioquia coffee

Juan Valdez Antioquia

Juan Valdez has released a special edition of packaged coffee in celebration of ‘Feria de las Flores’ (Festival of the Flowers).

The new edition, which shares the same name as the festival, is a coffee of Antioquia origin that has a balanced cup profile and flavour notes of panel, plum and red apple.

According to Juan Valdez, the package was designed by María José Bedoya Sánchez, a graphic design student who won the competition that sought to promote a co-creation scenario between the brand and the local talented designers.

“For this edition [of the festival], we wanted to exalt the talent, vision and creativity of the new generations of our country,” says Juan Valdez Marketing and Commercial Director Lina Hoyos. “Through joint work, we were able to create a package that represents the strength of the Antioquia region, which exalts the values of our culture and celebrates this joyous traditional gathering of Colombia.”

Sánchez says her design was inspired by the Municipality of La Ceja, where she was born and who’s main characteristic is floriculture.

“If there is something that speaks of our roots, it is flowers, which is why this fair represents that and much more; love for the Antioquia tradition and for the spitting image of the place where hummingbirds always fly,” says Hoyos.

Juan Valdez says the new edition promotes the greatness of the field and makes visible the work of over 500,000 coffee-growing families.

The new edition will be on sale in Juan Valdez stores and in select supermarket chains.

‘Feria de las Flores’ can also be found online at

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