Juan Valdez unveils new drinks with AI

juan valdez ai

Juan Valdez will incorporate artificial intelligence in its operations, allowing for customers to create drinks with the help of ChatGPT and Midjourney, a generative Artificial Intelligence tool that creates images based on text prompts.

“In Juan Valdez there are no limits, only the desire to continue making a difference so that more coffee consumers fall in love with our brand,” says Juan Valdez Marketing and Commercial Director Lina Hoyos. “This type of innovative initiative allows us to diversify our products, surprise customers, and be aligned with the trends that are being protagonists in the digital environment.”

The brand of Colombian coffee growers is using ChatGPT technology to play the role of the barista and create two innovative coffee-based drinks, a chocolate avocado mocha and a latte with lavender and blackberry, with ingredients oriented towards the taste preferences of the younger generation.

The Midjourney tool helped develop the graphic concept of these products, based on the textual description ChatGPT created.

To celebrate the new development, Juan Valdez organised free distribution of both drinks on 18 August at its store in City U, located in downtown Bogotá, Colombia.

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