Explore green beans in the July/August edition of Global Coffee Report Magazine

Global Coffee Report July/August edition

How do you get the best out of green beans?

Coffee beans endure a long crop to cup process, and it all starts at origin. Producers take extreme care to carefully grow, harvest, sort, and dry beans to precise standards before the beans leave the port for distribution around the world.

Our coffee farmers remain the heart and soul of the global coffee industry. Many work closely with importers and roasting partners to engage in experimental processing methods, grow new varietals, and implement sustainable practices all in the pursuit of flavour and to sustain a long-lasting agricultural product.

In the July/August edition of Global Coffee Report, we’re putting the spotlight on green beans and celebrating their place of importance in the supply chain.

If your company specialises in products, services or research dedicated to the specialised care of green beans, then this commercial opportunity is for you:

  • Are you a green bean buyer with an exciting farmer relationship?
  • Do you work with a specific coffee varietal, origin, processing method or sustainable practice?
  • Do you specialise in green bean transportation, logistics and freight?
  • Do you manufacture green bean transferring and handling equipment?
  • Are you undertaking green bean research and the development?

If you answered “yes” then we want to hear from you!

Share your story, product and purpose with Global Coffee Report’s target market of global coffee roasters for the chance to connect and do business with key industry decision makers.

Expressions of interest will close on 31 May 2023. To secure your place, or for more information, please contact Adele Haywood:

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