Monthly coffee exports down 470,000 bags in June over a year ago

World coffee exports amounted to 9.58 million bags in June 2012, compared with 9.11 million in June 2011, the International Coffee Organisation (ICO) reported.   The ICO noted that exports in the first nine months of the coffee year 2011/12 (October 2011 to June 2012) decreased by 0.3 per cent to 81.16 million bags compared to 81.41 million bags in the same period in the last coffee year. The main drop came in supplies of Arabica, which in the 12 months ending June 2012,  totalled 64.48 million bags compared to 68.76 million bags last year. Robusta saw an increase in exports amounting to 39.98 million bags, up from 37.05 million bags. Looking at the supply side of market fundamentals, these export figures were somewhat inversely reflected in prices. While in June both Arabica and Robusta prices dropped, with the ICO composite price hitting the lowest level since June 2010, the drops in Arabica prices were significantly more pronounced. Colombian Milds dropped 10.9 per cent and Brazilian Naturals dropped 10.3 per cent, the ICO reported, while other Milds dropped 8.6 per cent. Robustas only fell slightly by 1.1 per cent, and the ICO noted they were at their second highest level since October 2011.  

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